British Motoring Academy (BMA) exists to help & inspire learner drivers to get their driving licence - making this journey fun and enjoyable


Who is British Motoring Academy (BMA)?

We’re a team of industry experts, driving instructors and learner support specialists committed to improving your learning to drive journey. 

Book a no obligation trial driving lesson and you’ll quickly realise why so many learner drivers choose British Motoring Academy for their driving lessons. 

What we do

To cut a long story short, we’re serious about helping you pass your driving tests and get your driving licence quickly and confidently. 

Fewer driving lessons, lower costs and more importantly saving you time!

You’ll be fully engaged in the learning process, we’ll give you the tools, training and support - your success is inevitable.

Whether it’s through our blogs, driving lesson video tutorials or our popular driving lesson training pack - British Motoring Academy wants to help you get your driving licence. 

Why we do it

We want to change lives.

Through our work we want to inspire, educate and motivate individuals to drive confidently and make the UK roads a safer place. 

With our diverse client base and experience in the driver training industry, we recognise getting a driving licence means different things to different people. 

Getting your driving licence unlocks a world of possibilities (especially a UK licence). 

Independence, job opportunities, travel, chores, commutes and so much more...

And we want to be a part of your journey. 

Local driving instructors

We have experienced driving instructors in Leicester and Leicestershire. 

We have male and female bi-lingual driving instructors. 

We have driving instructors speaking Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic and more (depending on availability). 


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